I have an iPhone X, why should I upgrade to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? What improvements or changes have been made?

What’s improved?

Better screen / display, though the difference is probably not totally noticeable. Then again, if you prefer the ads Max, then you not only get a slightly better screen, but a MUCH bigger one. This alone could be justification for the upgrade, even if you’ve got an iPhone X like I do.

New A12 Bionic processor chip. They hammered on this, and it sounds like it’s pretty integral to many of the new and improved innovations that we’ll see coming to the phone. This isn’t just speed, though it will be faster, but graphics, AR capability, and even some machine learning. In short, performance.

I have an iPhone X, why should I upgrade to the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? What improvements or changes have been made?

Improved cameras. If you’re into photography, the new portrait mode capabilities (made possible by the new A12 Bionic chip mentioned above) are likely a huge reason to upgrade. The front camera got a nice upgrade, too.

Improved Face ID. It’s faster and more accurate…that’s it. If your iPhone X is fast enough, then this won’t matter as much. Mine has slowed, so I’m looking forward to the upgrade.

Color options. Shiny Gold! Truth is, most people put a case on the phone, so you won’t even notice the colors now that the whole black or white bezel is gone. With a case, all 3 colors will look about the same…unless it’s a clear case, that is.

Storage. You can get up to 512Gb now, so if you need it, you got it.

Cost. Depending on your carrier, you can trade in any phone that you’re paying for on a plan after 1 year of payments and have a clear slate. So unless you pay for your phone up front or plan on keeping it for more than 2 years, why wouldn’t you trade it up? Your payments won’t change (unless you get the Max or more storage), so it’s kinda a no-brainer. This is how it is with Verizon, anyway…not completely sure if the other carriers do the same thing.

Apple Music. Not that this is a big reason, but some carriers are giving away 6 mos worth of free Apple Music subscription with a new iPhone purchase. I guess it’s more of an added bonus than a deciding factor, but if you aren’t a subscriber now, you’ll love it.

I’ve upgraded every year since the iPhone 4, and my iPhone Xs is being delivered on Friday, 9/21, so I’ll see if it lives up to the hype. Honestly, though, if it ended up costing more, this is the first year that I could have justified not upgrading from the X…it’s really that good, even after a year. As it stands, though, my wife is looking forward to taking my X to upgrade from her 7 Plus, so it works out nicely.


Absolutely no.

Forget iPhone X , even if I had iPhone 7 or 7plus I wouldn’t upgrade. I do have an iPhone X and can very well afford to pay total price upfront and buy iPhone XS or max. But I wouldn’t. Reasons being-

Upgraded features aren’t worth the money
For that matter, if you have any iPhone from 7 upwards- Face ID doesn’t unlock phone faster than touch id. Also entering saved passwords and logging into your favourite apps and websites may take touching the phone rather than staring at the screen. How much more difficult is that for anyone?
If you download a third party camera app which enables you to shoot RAW, then you can edit it in Adobe LR to get a beautiful pic. I honestly can’t differentiate between my One plus 6T and iPhone X pics shot in RAW format and edited. I felt I didn’t even need iPhone X, forget getting XS
What’s 15% faster processing power going to get me? Surely nothing I’m gonna even notice. I don’t play games on my phone.
Will I be even able to flaunt my phone for so called social status? Unless it’s some colour which only iPhone XS has (even then a case will be hiding it in all probability) who can tell the difference between X and XS ?

Well, if you ask me, if you definitely need an iPhone because you are invested in Apple ecosystem, get a 7 or 7 plus and use remaining money to invest or get out of other existing debts. Don’t be stupid to get into fresh credit card debt to buy this XS. Even if you end up buying one, you will feel stupid soon when Tim Cook will be on the stage announcing how thrilled he is to announce another “greatest iPhone ever made “