IPhone XS Max or Galaxy s10. Which would you choose and why?

I would choose the iPhone XS Max and the reason I would chose that is the security and privacy that Apple is renown for. It is well accepted in the smartphone industry that Apple phones are the most secure phones in the worl, The galaxy S10 is an excellent phone but that is primarily designed for those people that want to customise their phones, so if that is important to you then that is the phone you should buy.

But personally I put security and privacy above everything else and that is why i would choose an Apple phone. Tim Cook has started a campaign to stop the selling of your private and confidential information online without your expressed permission, however only one small company has joined him in this venture, and the reason why that is so is because most of the social media companies would not exist without your private information that they sell on.

Phone manufacturers could help in alleviating this problem but apart from Apple they choose not to do so. The reason Apple phones are secure is that Apple designs and builds their own operating system, IOS, and developers and others are only allowed access to sections that do not hold any of your private information, this is why Apple do not allow customisation of their phones because that opens up areas within the operating system whereby private information could be leaked.

IPhone XS Max or Galaxy s10. Which would you choose and why?

Apple also design all their phones and thoroughly check that sub contractors abide by Apples strict contracts that bind those manufacturers from leaking any information that they find undesirable nd even how they assemble those components, in fact they control the production of their phones from start to finish. By designing both the operating system and their phones, (a thing that no other phone manufacturer in the world does).

The majority of them use the third party open source operating system named Android. Open source means that anyone is free to amend or add to that operating system code, which was originally designed by Linux and later modified by Google.

However in Google’s favour they did at least design what is called THE TRUE ANDROID OPERATING SYSTEM the best version of Android you can buy, However you can’t buy it because the phone manufacturer takes that decision out of your hands, and you can only get this version from a small number of companies including Samsung and Google. They cannot But the Apple IOS operating system because Apple will not licence that to anyone, again because of security.

Have you ever heard of an Apple user getting a virus? I bet you have not because it is extremely rare that happens. One of the main reasons for this is that as soon as. Virus is detected in the wild and before most people have ever heard of it Apple will have produced a patch. This raises another point that Apple issues many regular updates to ensure your phone is safe.

Even in the Apple App Store every app from every developer is thoroughly checked before it is allowed to be offered from sale, and if it is later found to be unacceptable it will immediately withdrawn from the store and that developer then earns no money, so the developers ensure they comply with Apple extremely high standards, they have even quite recently even withdrawn Google apps from being sold in the App Store Until Google amended what Apple found to be unacceptable.

This is just another way that Apple ensure your phone is safe from virus’s, Malware, Ransomware etc. something that very few other App Stores check every single App including the Google Play Store. Incidentally do you know what Ransomware is: A hacker gains accesss to your phone and stops you from using it totally, on the screen they leave a message “If you pay lets say £100 they will then remove the block” that they have put on your phone, and they will remove it all they are interested in is making money. The wealthier you are the higher the Ransomware Fee. Apple Phones keep you safe from this scam. It is well known that on an Apple phone or tablet you do not need ant-virus software, but I still play safe and recommend you do also, you may just be the one in a million.

I do appreciate that the younger generation do not worry about their private and confidential information being sold online. But I would think that they would if they realised how much of their information is actually sold then they would not be to keen to allow it. The worst 2 companies for selling your private and confidential information are Google & Facebook both who without this income would go bust.

What if I told you that just with a snippet of your information like your name i could go online and within ten minutes find out how much you paid for your house, when you purchased it, who lives in your house and all their connections, who lives next door to you.

I you have any county court judgements against you, where your husband and children go to work or school, who lived in your house before you, every address that you have lived at, and so on the list is endless and the big problem is you can do absolutely nothing about it. Because even if you found out who released your information before you could get a judgement against them it is then to late. because it may have been sold on to possibly thousands of companies. that you do not know what information they hold about you or even who they are. That information will follow you to the grave.

Governments are trying to stop this selling of our private information with the foremost groups being the European Union. But these companies I am talking about make more profit than many countries do, so they are very powerful.

So that long explanation is why I have Apple products and only Apple products and I also ensure that if I purchase an app that also is always from the App Store. ou however maybe one that wants to customise your phone and that is fine with me, we are all allowed to make our own decisions and I respect that. However for me it is: Security & Privacy, Security & Privacy. Keep Happy, D