Is it good to buy a Samsung S10 Plus now in 2021?

How much does the Galaxy S10 cost these days?

It’s been about two years since the Galaxy S10 series first came to market. Samsung was still actively selling the S10 following the release of the S20, but now that the Galaxy S21 is out, the S10 is all but discontinued.

You can find the baseline S10 being sold on Amazon, of
ten for a little over $700. That’s a decent price considering that the S10 is still a very capable Android phone, but thanks to Samsung’s more recent releases, it doesn


‘t make the most sense.

Is the Galaxy S10 still powerful enough in 2021?

The Galaxy S10 has since been updated to the most recent One UI 3 software, so you aren’t being left behind in terms of the latest software features. Thanks to Samsung’s commitment to three years of updates for many of its phones, you can also expect software updates to keep rolling in until 2022. The Snapdragon 855 processor and 8GB of RAM are more than capable for anything you’ll need to do, and the battery life should hold up to everyone but the most hardcore users.

Other areas of the experience, like the display and hardware design, feel modern on the S10 even though they aren’t the absolute latest and greatest Samsung has to offer. You’re also getting features like water resistance, wireless charging, fast charging, and a microSD card slot. The S10 even has something the S20FE and S21 don’t: a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

One of the biggest areas the Galaxy S10 shows its age is in the cameras, and Samsung has taken big steps forward in this category in recent years. The Galaxy S10 just isn’t very capable in low-light scenes, and its telephoto camera is nowhere near as capable as the S21’s. The ultra-wide and front-facing cameras are more comparable, but still off the pace of the latest devices. Altogether you’re still going to get good camera performance, but it just isn’t going to feel like a bleeding-edge device in that respect.

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