Is it worth upgrading to iPhone XS/XS Max/XR from iPhone 7 Plus?

The iPhone 7+ is a perfectly great phone. It is large, it is pretty fast, it has a lot of battery life (although you should go into preferences and make sure your particular battery has plenty of life, the low cost battery replacements run out this year).

If it fits your needs you can save $700 to $1200 by waiting a year and seeing what 2019 (almost definitely September 2019) brings. If it isn’t quite fitting your needs however early in the new iphone’s life is the best time to get a new one. Your old phone will do nothing but lose resale value, the new phone’s “nothing better” time window is only a year from release, not from purchase, and Apple doesn’t discount new phones in the first year. If you are going to buy one “right away” is the best time.

Is it worth upgrading to iPhone XS/XS Max/XR from iPhone 7 Plus?

Or at least that is my opinion, yours may differ.

The XS/XR has approximately the same size screen, but at a different aspect ratio that I don’t really find “as useful” as the big 7+ size was. It is physically a whole lot smaller though. If that is worth the upgrade price to you (despite the smaller width) go for it, they do look like awesome phones.

The XS Max is physically about the same size as the 7+ but has way more usable screen. If that is worth the over $1000 price to you go for it.

All three new phones have better cameras, and run much faster the the 7+, again that may be enough reason to buy the new phone.

The XS and XS Max have much much much blacker blacks (on the display). Maybe that matters to you.

The XR has about the same screen you currently have. Except no “force touch”, which may or may not bug you. Choose accordingly.

None of the new phones have TouchID nor a physical home button. If that bugs you maybe wait another year (although it is extreamly unlikely Apple will bring either back you won’t have to deal with it for another year). Personally I like FaceID more 98% of the time, and the lack of physical home button only bugs me in one app.