Is the iPhone XS that much better than the XR?

I’m not saying it’s worth it or not but I’ll give out the differences between Xs and Xr


Xs has OLED, which in many ways, superior than Xr LCD, but note that to normal people(not very tech guy),LCD seems just fine. Xs also has 3D Touch where a featured that doesn’t exist on Xr as it is replaced by haptic touch. Most people found it not that useful but for me personally I love it. There were a lot of critics about Xr having the pixels density of 321 PPl and having the resolutions of 828p, I’ve used it and honestly, it’s about the same as iPhone 8 screen. Xr also has a larger screen size than Xs. The border, also known as the bezels are a tad bit thicker on Xr.

Is the iPhone XS that much better than the XR?


They both have the same main camera and Xs has an additional telephoto lens, for optical zoom. The addition of second camera also helped in depth sensing as for the Xs, you can just shoot about anything (people, objects, etc) in portrait mode. Where as Xr, can only take picture of people in portrait mode. Also note that when in portrait mode, Xs is using the second x2 lens, so the picture is a little bit zoomed in. The front facing camera is same on both Xs and Xr.


Both Xs and Xr have the same A12 Bionic. They are probably the fastest chip you can get in the smartphone industry today.

Built material

Xs features a steel frame which undoubtedly, much stronger than Xr aluminium frame. According to drop test done by many people, Xs is likely to survive but a drop but Xr might not. However, glass is still glass and glass will always break if enough force is given. Apple did claim that the glass used on both Xs and Xr is the strongest there is on the market.( take it with a grain of salt) So, never drop your phone. Note that Xs stainless steel frame is a scratch magnet. Without a good cover, scratches will surely be seen everywhere on the steel frame. It can also be polished by metal polish and it’ll look just like a new one after polishing.


Xr has a slightly larger battery compared to Xs. It’ll last you through a day of normal plus some heavy usage.

Water resistant

Xr has water resistant rating if IP67 compared to Xs IP68. This means that Xr can survive just 1 meter of water for 30mins, while the Xs can do 2 meters of water for 30mins. Also know that Apple doesn’t provide warranty for water damage.

So it comes down to personal reference, Xr starts at $749 for the 64GB, Xs starts at $999 for the same 64GB. Which one do you think is more worth it ?? By paying $250 more, you get a colour vibrant OLED screen, 3D Touch, additional telephoto camera, a tad bit smaller battery which is fine as the phone is smaller, stainless steel band around the phone and better water resistant ( not much tho ) .

To be frank, you aren’t losing out much if you chose Xr, plus you get to pay $250 less than Xs and you’ll get a variety of colour choices for Xr.