Should I get the iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8?

The view of an average normal user.


The tech giant Samsung has come with an infinity display with almost no bezels and wonderful curves which produces an immersive experience. It has speakers, USB type -c at the bottom, a micro sd hybrid slot a the top, lastly a power button and volume rocker at the sides with a dedicated bixby button. The camera well settles at the back with an led flash, heart rate sensor and the fingerprint scanner which is said to be at an awkward place though you will easily get it within a few days of using the phone with the help of your muscle memory!

Should I get the iPhone 7 or Samsung Galaxy S8?

The I phone has huge bezels at the top at bottom. Has the volume rocker, USB, power button, a dual camera setup, stereo speakers and no headphone jack. That means you have to invest 6-7k for airpods. You can use an otg also but the sound will not be that great with it.

Verdict: The new infinity displays makes I phone look dull. The metal made I phone is more prone to scratches which cant be fixed. On the other hand gs8 is a fingerprint magnet.

Still Galaxy s8 takes the win here!


The galaxy s8 is powered by super amoled screen with more than 2K resolution which is quad HD +, its HDR certified and the Samsung edge technology helps to produce an immersive experience for the user. The colours are vibrant and pop up to the eye.

On the other hand the I phone 7 plus has an LCD screen with a resolution of 1080p. Its the best LCD panel ever. The retina display is awesome but it can’t compete with the galaxy any how. Do check the diffrence in displays on you tube for better understanding.

Galaxy s8 takes the win here too!


The galaxy s8 is equipped with a 4gb ram. It comes in two different variants. The qualcomm snapdragon 835 (available in US) and samsun’s own exynos 8895 (availing in almost all other countries).

Both are very fast but it is found that the exynos processor just performs slightly better than the snapdragon one.

On the other hand I phone has 3gb ram with A10 processor. Dont get confused by the spec. IPhone operating system is way more optimised than android.

The specs may sound better in galaxy s8 but in real life performance the galaxy s8 may just be 0.01 seconds faster than I phone but the latter grabs the win in case of games which are very optimised.

I phone is the winner here!


Galaxy s8 is equipped with a 12 Mp camera with and aperture of f1.7. It is powered by dual pixel technology which has the capability of taking multiple pictures in a a few milliseconds and combining them to give you a perfect picture! The front camera is of 8 Mp with autofocus and has a wide angle lens.

Iphone also has a 12 megapixel dual camera one of which is a telephoto lens that allows 2x optical zoom without compromising quality. The front camera is of 7 Mp.

Landscape: The s8 beats apple here as it grabs on more details in the image as compared to the latter.

Macro: s8 beats iPhone yet again as the colours are more vibrant and produces a more eye pleasing image than the iPhone (in some cases the colours on s8 is not perfectly natural and iPhone retains the accurate colours). So it comes to personal preference.

Video: I phone outperforms Samsung here with a better stabilisation and good video quality with details. If you shoot videos alot iphone will be a better choice.

Low light: In low light the iPhone doesn’t even comes close to s8. The s8 gets more light into the image and produces outstanding pictures.

Selfies: Due to that wide angle lens and higher megapixel yet again Samsung wins here as it grabs more details with more people in the picture.

Galaxy s8 wins here!

Battery: If you are a average user who spends quite alot time with their phone galaxy s8 will give you a better battery life than the iPhone. But if you are a person who just needs to check emails and stuff and manage just basic messga and calls I phone will a better choice because standby time of I phone 7 plus is much more than galaxy.

ITS A DRAW HERE! It all comes to personal preference!


I phone comes with 3d touch technology which gives you a haptik feedback when you touch the power button (though its not a button but feels like one) your phone knows when you are pressing softly and when you are pressing hard and offers you functions accordingly.

It is water resistant.

It has stereo speakers which performs better than the mono speaker of galaxy s8 but lacks a headphone jack.

The galaxy s8 is ip68 certified water resistant which is slightly better than iPhone but it doesn’t makes a noticeable diffrence.

It has fast charging!

It has fast wireless charging!

It is Hdr premium certified!

Bluetooth 5.0 (you can connect 2 devices at once)

5g support!

It introduces a new more efficient Al assistant BIXBY that promises to do everything we can do with touch. It has the Google assistant too.

World’s 1st 10 nm processor which is power efficient.

It is equipped with 64 gb internal memory with expandable storage upto 256 gb! You dont have to pay more to get a more storage as in iPhone 7 plus.

If you dont listen to stuffs using headphones and prefer speakers than IPhone! If you use headphones for listening to songs and stuffs and just require speaker for ringtones and calls than s8.

In my opinion galaxy s8 is a lot better than iPhone 7 but some like to stick to ios ecosystem. So all comes to personal preference!

But if you ask for my opinion Samsung galaxy s8 it is!