What are your first impressions of the iPhone XS?

First things first, The hype was not as much as last year when iPhone X was launched. Leaks gave it away.

I’m not going to mention the detailed specs as you guys are smart enough to KNOW that SPECS DON’T MATTER THAT MUCH!

What are your first impressions of the iPhone XS?

Yes, we could use a bigger screen as watching a 16:9 video on iPhone X was a horrible experience. More pixels which we are barely going to recognise in the Xs. Apple basically fooled the people by calling the display a 120Hz touch display which clearly it is not. It is just a simple 60Hz Oled with 120Hz touch sensing capability which is not much of a practical use.

Design was same. I don’t have a good feeling about it because of the notch. Last year only iPhone to have a notch was X and almost all the other companies shamelessly copied it because Apple is Apple. Imagine what will happen now when we have 4 flagship iPhones with a notch. The smartphone industry will be flooded with smartphones having notches and This doesn’t sounds good.

Gold colour just make sure people know that this person has the latest iPhone and you don’t.

Most durable glass in any smartphone! Meh…(We’ll see).

Camera has improved and that is the only thing i am interested in. They took sofware approach to enhance their photos just like Google and I’m looking forward to it. Portrait mode without second lens. Adjustable blur after taking the photo might be very handy.

A12 bionic chip is a considerable upgrade and is by far the most advanced chip on a smartphone. Apple is really playing it cool with their chipsets. But, does this upgrade really matter. No, it doesn’t. Maybe for camera geeks as this chipset would’ve a better image processing.

It’s probably the weakest “S” phone Apple has ever done.

Think back to other “S” phones Apple has done.

The iPhone 4S – Siri was introduced.

The iPhone 5S – Touch ID was introduced.

The iPhone 6S – 3D Touch was introduced.

And there was a processor boost in each of these as well.

The XS has a 15% faster processor and a little bit more RAM. The real, day to day difference between that and the iPhone X is going to be barely noticeable.