What are your thoughts on the new iPhone Xs Max?

Personally I think the new iPhone XS series and the XR series follow along with apples logical progression of improving upon their product with substantial increases in screen size and resolution. Their camera technology has just taken a minimum of a five year jump forward over any other phone manufacture and the software involved is to put it mildly at best can be described as, staggering and evolutionary. The increase in the IP rating is just a Nother feather in the hat of the Apple iPhone development team. The launching of the iPhone XR demonstrates apples dedication to the middleground customer base.

What are your thoughts on the new iPhone Xs Max?

The CPU technology of increasing the physical threads in the multiple levels of energy usage that is common in the PC world and in the Mac World demonstrates the crossover in technology that benefits the end-user in the iPhone market. And approximate 30 percent faster CPU processing speed, with an associated 30% reduction in physical size, and an approximate 30% decrease in power consumption just goes to show you that apples engineers work their tails off this past year or longer to get that CPU/GPU Math co-processor to work harmoniously and efficiently is almost magical.

The camera technology that they’ve come up with including new glass, new focus, improved color science, utilization of the Neural Engine is sheer genius . The ability to post process natively with in the app and not relying on an additional app requiring downloading or an additional fee, his mind bending . The demonstration displaying the pulling of focus from completely in focus background to completely out of focus Bokeh effect what is displayed perfectly, which gives the average photographer professional tools for which to enhance his or her photographs anyway they like them.

Like Phil Schiller said i’m probably missing a few pointers here and there, but I think I’m hitting the highlights. What the phone does not have this year is 5G, but that will be on next year’s phone rest assured. Also we may see an 8K camera and possibly and 8K display on next year‘s phone. Samsung and LG are working diligently on this technology for the display, and Sony is working on 8K camera technology for sell phones that is virtually a given. If you look at QUALCOMM is 845 chip, it alone has enough processing power to handle 7 to 8 , 8K cameras at once with a single processor in the phone. So having Apple’s A12 processor handling that much video information should not be a problem.

All in all, I thought apples team as well as the developers that were invited to display their applications and games did an excellent job of showing what the latest phones are capable of doing. The loss of touch ID and the loss of 3D Touch on the lower end phone may be missed by some, but in order to reach a particular price point some features had to be cut. And in the new design of a new display some features no longer work, and new features replace old features, that is the nature of the business, unfortunately there are individuals with strong feelings about this. We have seen this happen time and time again, this was not any big surprise. All I can say about that is, get over yourselves, stand up and act like an adult , This is the big leagues that we are dealing with here, so quit crying in your milk and deal with it.

Apple just laid there cards on the table, and it looks like a Royal Flush! In all my years in the cellular phone industry, I have never seen such a strong lineup of products that nail virtually every price point from middle to high end from an up market brand such as Apple. Apple has never been an entry level product. And I would not expect to see a cheapened, Strip down, bare bones device to satisfy the naysayers just to get the first time phone buyer. I’m just saying .

So there you have my take on Apple’s iPhone lineup for the end of 2018 leading into 2019. It looks like a good year ahead. This has been dictated, quite accurately I must say on my replacement phone from my lovely daughter, and iPhone 7 plus that replaces my iPhone 6 Plus. As some of you may recall I replaced my cracked screen and end-of-life battery on the 6+ myself and I damaged one of the connectors on the logic board. It lasted approximately three months, but it died a slow painful death. But I must say this microphone is picking up quite well and the miss spellings are much less then on the older iPhone.