What will be a better buy, An iPhone 7 128 GB or an iPhone 7 plus 32 GB? Is 32 GB too low for a 72K phone?

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Well there are only 3 reasons to shift from iphone 7 to an iphone 7 plus

BATTERY – The battery of the iphone 7 plus last a day and for a power user like me its a deal breaker. So if you constantly checking your phone on LTE connection then iphone 7 plus will be good for you.

LARGER SCREEN – For media consumption iphone 7 plus screen will be best for you. Watching movies, reading articles and even playing games is really pleasing to the eye.

CAMERA – I really don’t need to talk about this point as you already know the larger iphone has dual camera setup. And no surprise, its bang on! So for a person who like to capture the world in his pocket then it will never disappoint you. Yes in low light it will struggle a bit, but no phone has a perfect camera.

What will be a better buy, An iPhone 7 128 GB or an iPhone 7 plus 32 GB? Is 32 GB too low for a 72K phone?

Now you are also talking about a shift from 128gb iphone 7 and 32gb iphone 7 plus. My friend if you really feel 32gb is not enough then don’t buy it. But yes iphone 7 plus is better than the two. For me 32gb is enough. And there are ways by which you can clean some memory from your iphone at regular intervals.

Go for iphone 7 plus


Frankly speaking I am currently using iPhone 6 plus for good photographs( Not a photographer). If you are say good photographer and you love to take photos then go with iPhone 7plus. But main issues comes here is if you are using it just for sake of using an iPhone then you should go with iPhone 7 as it gives you 128 GB which is extra and photo quality is also good in iPhone 7 also. But if you want to try a whole new level in photography then you should try iPhone 7plus, yes I can say that you will only get 32 GB which is very less for a photographer and also for photography. But from my viewpoint if you are photographer and also intrested in photography nothing more then you should go with iPhone 7plus.

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Totally depends on your usage and the preferences. If taking photos is your primary concern with better battery backup and large screen then iPhone 7 plus is for you . I personally own an iPhone 7 matte black 32 gigabyte ,32 gb is a lot to me and it never disappoints me . I’d say the 7 plus 32 gb (72k) is not worth it , the screen size is really large and the only effect you get is the bookeh effect in camera compared to 7 .

The 128gb iPhone 7 is the best investment you can think of with a lot of storage on your hand and beautiful curvy looks .