What’s the review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the flip-phone-style foldable phone that will turn heads if you buy it, but be aware that its high price asking price shock everyone, too.

We’ve had the opportunity to fold, unfold and test Samsung’s latest folding phone at the same launch event as the new Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra. It certainly stood out, not for it specs, but for its novelty.

The Z Flip is ready to bend over frontwards to offer a daringly fresh concept next to today’s traditional-looking smartphones. Samsung says it’s the ‘full screen that fits in your pocket’ and we can confirm just that.

The design of the Galaxy Z Flip makes it infinitely easier to hold and pocket than regular smartphones, a win for those of us with smaller hands and tight jacket pockets. It also comes with some neat slip-view UI tricks for multitasking and acts as an impromptu tripod for video calls when half-folded.

The Galaxy Z Flip doesn’t necessarily represent a pivot in Samsung’s foldable phone strategy – it feels more like another experiment to see which design sticks with consumers. Who knows, both the Fold and Flip styles may co-exist.

In launching after the Moto Razr, the Z Flip gets a lot of things right that Motorola got wrong, including stuffing in a bigger battery and thin glass, not plastic, to protect the 6.7-inch inner display. That’s not enough reason for everyone to pay so much money for a phone that’s just as pricey as the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which has better camera and specs. You have to be looking for something new and chic.

If anything, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is evidence that the future of foldable phones hasn’t been decided; it’s a bold idea – and one that’s rather flexible, if you will.

Source : John