WhatsApp pushes the official self-made Sticker sticker tool in 5 steps, that is, Send has only one limitation

WhatsApp Sticker / Sticker Creation Tool | Meta’s communication software WhatsApp’s Sticker sticker function has been launched for 3 years. Although the official has not prevented third parties from making and importing stickers, it has not yet launched the official sticker making tool, adding production time.

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However, WhatsApp finally launched the first set of official tools earlier, users can create their own stickers directly within WhatsApp and share them with friends and relatives in real time.

Homemade WhatsApp Sticker in 5 Easy Steps, Only One Limit

This is the first self-made sticker tool officially launched by WhatsApp in 3 years. The steps to use it are quite simple. It can be completed within 1 minute from selecting pictures, editing and sending. It needs to carry out the complicated import procedure again, it is more convenient to use.

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However, this tool currently only supports the web browser version of WhatsApp, so users need to “sit down” to find a computer to operate when they want to make a Sticker. It is slightly insufficient if it is not fully mobile; according to the official WhatsApp In December, the same Sticker making function will be provided for the Windows/Mac version of WhatsApp App. However, there is no news about the most anticipated mobile phone making tool.

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In addition to restaurants, the government has previously listed government buildings or offices, bars, karaoke and other places as mandatory places to use “Safe Travel”. If the epidemic continues, the government is expected to further expand the “Safe Travel” mandatory. The scope of use, if you still haven’t learned to use “Safe Travel” before, now is the best time to understand the functions of this App.

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