Which one is the best; Redmi Note 7 pro or Samsung A50?

Processor : On comparing Snapdragon 675 with Exynos 9610, definitely Redmi Note 7 Pro with SD675 wins the race, but not with a huge margin. There is no doubt that Redmi Note 7 Pro’s SD675 coupled with MIUI 10 can deliver a fantastic performance. But also, Exynos 9610 is the Samsung’s new chipset which is used only on the Galaxy A50 and it is really capable of giving a tough competition to SD675. Another advantage of A50 is it’s One UI which is way better than MIUI. But, here on comparing the Antutu Scores, Redmi Note 7 Pro is the clear winner with a score of 170000, whereas A50’s score is around 145000.

Build : The build quality is RN7 Pro is super good with whole glass body which is really attractive to use. On the other side, A50’s build quality is also amazingly good. Even though it is not fully made of glass, the quality of the phone is too good. We cannot really say that RN7 Pro is good or A50 is bad. Both the phones are equally good in this segment. One more key feature where A50 wins easily is the fingerprint sensor. A50 is having an in-display fingerprint sensor whereas RN7 Pro is having a rear mounted fingerprint sensor. A50’s scanner is too good on compared to RN7 Pro.

Which one is the best; Redmi Note 7 pro or Samsung A50?

Display : RN7 Pro has a display of 6.3″ 1080P IPS LCD screen, and A50 has a display of 6.4″ 1080P Super AMOLED screen. No doubt, A50 is the clear winner in this segment.

Camera : A50 is having triple camera setup with 25MP primary, 8MP ultrawide and 5MP depth sensors. RN7 Pro consists of 48+5 Dual camera setup. On comparing the camera samples of RN7 Pro and A50, the later wins easily. Samsung Galaxy A series is specially known for its beautiful screen and camera setups. Hence the quality of A50 camera setup is just amazing. RN7 Pro too have good cameras, but it is nowhere when compared to A50.

Battery : Both of them are powered by huge 4000 mAh batteries. Without any doubt, battery performance of both the phones is awesome. We cannot decide which one is better, hence both the phones are levelled in this segment.

Price : Since most of the key features are already compared above, we can come to pricing. RN7 Pro starts from 14,000/- INR and A50 starts from around 20,000/- INR. But we cannot conclude that RN7 Pro is a clear winner when compared to A50 in pricing. RN7 Pro provides you a good design, looks, performance and battery. Whereas A50 provides the best display, good looks, good performance, best battery, in-display fingerprint sensor, SAMSUNG BRANDING TRUST !!

Xiaomi’s customer care service is too awful, but on the other hand, Samsung’s customer care service is far better compared to Xiaomi’s. Also, the availability of RN7 Pro is too low, whereas A50 is available even on offline retailer shops also.

A50 has its own positives and RN7 Pro has its own plus points. So it is not fair to compare them. The simple answer is if your budget is 15000/- INR, then go with RN7 Pro, but if your budget is 20,000/- INR and if you are fan of Samsung, then only go with A50. Am saying that if you are a fan of Samsung, just because at price tag of 20,000/- INR we get the more powerful Poco F1, and almost similar Oppo K1, Asus Zenfone 5z (if you can spend a 4000/- INR more)

I can see most of the people suggesting RN7 Pro over A50. But I feel that the comparison itself is wrong here. Even on comparing, saying that RN7 Pro as winner is also an unfair answer.

Please do read the detailed review on A50, its pros and cons for better understanding