Which smartphone is better between Redmi Note 7 Pro and Realme 3 Pro?

Well if you just need the conclusion then its Realme 3 pro.

Now lets dicuss the reasons –

Screen – both are the same

Body & shape – yeah the glass back of note 7 pro might look good but it stops it from surpassing realme 3 pro for 2 reasons; one of them being durability cause no matter what number you put in front of that gorilla glass tag, someday it will break and it will be nasty; and the other reasoning being heating issues in sunlight due to the glass. So realme 3 pro’s polycarbonate back all the wayyy for me. The curves on the sides of realme also gives a better grip when compared to redmi’s flat sides.

Processor & GPU – Now here is one of the biggest scandals of Qualcomm. Redmi note 7 pro has snapdragon 675 while the realme 3 pro has snapdragon 710. Yes the cores of the older 675 are slightly more powerful than the new 710 ones but the gpu of realme (adreno 616) compensates it with a significantly better benchmark scores than note 7 pro’s adreno 612. Now performance wise both processors will be good enough, but many people might not know that 710 is a new generation processor which is based on 10nm chip compared to the older 11nm chip of 675. As we know, the 7nm chips are newer, with better power optimizations giving better battery and will definitely have a better support for future development. So in this long battle, i give snapdragon 710(realme 3 pro) the medal.

Which smartphone is better between Redmi Note 7 Pro and Realme 3 Pro?

Camera – both the phones give amazing photos but i personally feel that the colours and skin tones are a bit more vibrant and expressive in realme 3 pro. But realme 3 pro actually takes the game away when you take low-light pics and a bit better video stability. Plus you get slow-mo at 960fps compared to note 7 pro’s stuck at 120fps which is a nice to have feature.

ROM/OS – note 7 pro obviously comes with miui 10 with 11 on the way and realme 3 pro comes with the color OS 6. Both have there ups and downs but the main feature being no bloatware and ads in colour OS. Honestly, i am just tired of being an miui user(tried a lot of custom roms too) but color OS really feels good for a change.

Battery – Both are more or less free same. But the enhanced power saving mode of realme really juices out all the crap from the phone giving us all the battery it can.

Charging – note 7 pro supports quick charge 4 whereas realme 3 pro has VOOC charging 3.0 system(the oneplus tech). Honestly if u compare their charging time out of the box, realme just destroys note 7 pro with a charging time of 70 to 75 mins for 0 to 100 while the note 7 pro takes about 100 or 110 mins for a full charge. Now if u spend around 500 more u get a fast charger for note 7 pro, it brings down the time to about 85 mins which is still longer compared to realme(remind you that realme provides a 20W fast charger out of the box). But note 7 pro comes with type C while realme has the good old usb. You might feel that type C is better(it obviously) but i personally feel that it will take time for the market to get used to the type C thing since all lot of things are easily accessible for usb users at various places in the market right now.

Sound – there isn’t any major difference.

Storage – both comes with the same combinations of ram and internal storage so i am not gonna talk about that. Now the important fact for those who are tight on budget is that realme has a dedicated card slot compared to note 7 pro’s hybrid 2nd sim lot. So we get the option to use 2 sims and sd card at the same time in realme(a really important feature at least for me).

Small details about the phones –

No notification led in realme whereas it is present in note 7 pro.

No IR blaster in realme which is present in note 7 pro.

V shape notch in realme and U shape notch in note 7 pro.

Face detection has always been better in realme and automatic brightness compensation features for face detection in dark rooms is amazing. No major feature like this in note 7 pro.

Bezels a bit less in realme compared to note 7 pro.
App lock is better and more secure in colorOS than miui(i have used both).

Float window feature for WhatsApp and messages(only these 2 apps till now, more will come) while playing a game or using any other app is great which is absent in miui. Dont confuse it with miui’s split screen. Both are different features and yes realme has split screen too.

I think i have done a full comparison between the two and i feel realme did a better job this time than xiaomi(i was a xiaomi fanboy previously).

I guess i made the right call.